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Re: Shinzon's motives

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Shinzon's motives are stated repeatedly in NEM. Destroy Earth and cripple the Federation. Earth is the capital for the UFP and HQ for Starfleet. The Romulans at the beginning of NEM were appealing for a war before the senate and Preator. However as the Romulan Praetor stated "the senate has considered Shinzon's proposal and rejected it". Later Commander Suran says that he and the other collaborators of this coup supported Shinzon because he promised action. Shinzon just took his time on actually carrying out the plan.
But again why didn't Shinzon plan on destroying Romulus instead of Earth, if the Romulans were the ones responsible for his misfortune? He has far more reason to the Romulan Empire then he does the Federation.
I used to think the same as you. I felt Romulus was a better target for Shinzon since he obviously hated the Romulans. However i don't think he dwells on that. His focus is on his own personal legacy. That legacy begins with the man he is cloned after. Destroying Earth would nullify everything Picard ever did. In a galaxy where the RSE has conquered the UFP worlds. Whoever Jean-Luc Picard was would be immaterial. No one would remember a man who captained a little ship from a planet (Earth) and an organization (UFP) that doesn't exist anymore. But everyone would remember Praetor Shinzon who made the destruction of Earth and set the dominos in motion for the fall of the UFP happen.

There's no point in debating what should've been because it comes down to the viewer's personal preference over what the writer actually imagined. Trying to tell John Logan (Gladiator, Aviator, The Last Samurai, Skyfall) he's wrong to give Shinzon the motivations he did would prove futile.

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And why was Shinzon taking his time, when he was dying and needed Picard's blood right away?
Because he's a villain and he's moves at the speed of plot.

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I suggest rewatching the scene where Shinzon has Picard prisoner onboard the Scimitar. Shinzon appears to have changed his mind from being curious about Picard to now despising him. Saying that "my life is meaningless while you're still alive". There are some other good quotes from that scene and later in Picard's ready room with holo-projector Shinzon. It became a grudge match between two men. Shinzon's plan to destroy Earth was initally to instigate a war between the UFP and the RSE. It later becomes a way to wipe out the life and legacy of Jean-Luc Picard and cement Shinzon of Remus in the history books as the man who destroyed Earth..
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I think Shinzon would make it into the history books if he destroyed Romulus, so why doesn't he try to do that instead?
Destroying Romulus wouldn't serve his personal vendetta against Picard. Remember Shinzon said Picard wouldn't "...survive to witness the victory of the echo over the voice". Shinzon said he felt his life was meaningless as long as Picard lived. Besides Shinzon was the official Praetor of the RSE. A human sitting on the throne of the empire. I think his hatred for the Romulans took a backseat after achieving that title.

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Does the plan make complete sense? Not really. But hey what Star Trek film doesn't have it's bonehead plans by villains who we are supposed to believe are intelligent. Looking at you Khan from TWOK, Borg from FC, Ru'afo from INS, Nero from ST09 and John Harrison from STID.
I think Khan and the Borg have far less convoluted plans and motives then Shinzon does.

Khan could've beamed up Kirk when he beamed up the Genesis torpedo. Khan wanted to kill Kirk and wasn't picky on how it was done. Such as ordering Capt. Terrell and Checov to kill Kirk with phase pistols. Khan could've done it himself.

The Borg could've used there time travel method in the Delta Quadrant and then progessed to Earth if they REALLY wanted to assimilate it. When see in FC it was successful when they executed it. However by a random happenstance the Ent-E happened to be shielded from the history altering effects of the Borg's meddling.
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