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Re: Where are the toys?

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I thought the main complaint was that people were complaining that they couldn't find them at all? That suggests they are selling out or not getting the distribution.

No that's not the case at all, the Kre-o STID toys are out but no one wants them. The main complaint is that they are low quality etc, so I heard. I think toys r us mostly sells them and that by itself says a lot, toys r us used to be the #1 toy store but now they've fallen far from their once great position. I could have easily bought them but I only bought the Venqeance.
At my nearest Toys R Us, they couldn't keep them--particularly, the deluxe Enterprise--in stock for very long. They did sell out fairly quickly there when they initially arrived, with only the Klingon ship available for awhile.

As far as the #1 toy store, Walmart wins solidly in regards to sales by virtue of being the biggest general retailer and being able to blackmail--um, I mean demand--greater discounts from manufacturers than Toys R Us can.

There is no #1 toy store now, Target and Walmart are in perpetual battle for the #1 spot, lately target has been getting more stuff than Walmart but that could alternate back and forth. A lot of TRU stores still have merchandise from the 2009 movie. I go to both Target and Walmart a lot, enough to know who's doing better with toys. Walmart is dropping the ball lately.
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