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Kirk & Marcus - Next Film Thoughts?

After watching STID several times since getting the DVD, I can't help but think they were already setting us up for a budding romance between Kirk and Carol Marcus. It's subtle but if you watch their interactions closely, it can easily be inferred that they're attracted to each other. Not just the obvious times, like when she first shows up on the shuttle, or when she's half naked telling him to turn around, but at other times too. On the bridge of the Vengance, when Khan is on his rampage, Carol looks Kirk's way several times with a little more than just concern. And when they materialize in the Enterprise brig, his first action is to move to her side. And then there's the smile on is face at the end when he's welcoming her to the crew, no mistaking that Jim Kirk "I totally thing you're hot" smile. This has just been my take on it anyway.

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