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Re: Why didn't Chang challenge Gorkon?

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I always saw the "Let them die!" line as an emotional outburst, not a statement of policy. And certainly Kirk proves by the end of the movie that, ultimately, he's capable of looking beyond his own history and emotional demons--just as, indeed, he did in "Day of Dove."

People are complicated. I'm sure that, back during the Cold War, that there were plenty of American soldiers that hated the Russians in the abstract, but we're still capable of seeing the humanity of the enemy as well.

Kirk isn't always right all the time, and was certainly capable of letting his emotions get the better of him on occasion, but his higher angels always prevail in the end.
Well said. It's easy to try to hold up a man like Kirk as some sort of standard, but he's human like anyone else. That's why I've always preferred his character to Picard's (even though I like both a lot). Kirk seems like a real human being who's done great things, rather than a legend who happens to look like a human being.

Exactly. I prefer to think of the TOS crew as flesh-and-blood human beings, not plaster saints.
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