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Re: Would you rather?

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Would you rather spend your 21st birthday drinking with Wesley Crusher, Nog, Jake Sisko, Icheb, or Naomi Wildman? (er...they are also this question.)
Good question! Naomi. If she looks like she did in "Shattered," this is an easy call.

Would you rather play poker with the Enterprise senior officers or junior officers (think "Lower Decks")?

Definitely the senior officers. Psh...I would rather play against Data, Crusher, Riker, and Geordi. No contest. Playing against Data would be a challenge and listening to him talk about the facial expressions of those who appear to be bluffing is amusing.

Would you rather be in Unimatrix 0 with Seven (virtual reality) or the Nexus (extradimensional realm) with Guinan?
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