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Re: The hate at "Genesis"

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This was all kicked off by an absent-minded hypospray shot from Beverly.
This is actually the part that most bugs me. The hypospray accident is the sort of thing that happens all the time; the resulting consequence is just too much. It's controlled because they had the good fortune to be on a starship when it happened. But suppose it'd happened on a planet, say, on Earth with billions and billions of people and thousands of ships coming and going daily. The whole galaxy would get ravaged with this devolutionary virus.

And this scale of accident happens, all the time. It suggests a universe that's teetering so close to destruction that the tiniest carelessness can't be had.

That's tolerable, I suppose, for a Space Opera where all emotions, consequences, actions are to be huge things, but it fits badly for the Next Generation universe where stuff should be at least somewhat more fault-tolerant.

I've got similar problems with that one where the video game ``Tubas Eating Necco Wafers'' threatens to take over the galaxy.
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