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Re: The Worlds End movie

^I agree completely with that analysis. Sure, on the surface, Gary was still going to bars with his friends, but the meaning of that act was profoundly different. He wasn't doing it to hide from life and indulge his selfish urges, he was doing it to take a stand against bigotry and fight to make the world better for other people. And I love it that the protagonist of the film became a champion for the rights of the villains of the film. The blanks weren't demonized, but were just other people with their own different agendas and goals, and whatever the leadership may have done wrong, the ordinary people still had their rights. It's a lot less simplistic than what you'd get in a lot of films.

And yeah, hanging out with the blanks of his high-school friends is about responsibility. Those blanks exist because they were created for his benefit, as temptations. They're his fantasy of the past brought to life. They exist because of him, and are in a sense his children. So he's taken responsibility for them.
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