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Re: Random Songs That Remind You of Star Trek

Muse - Exogenesis Symphony.

Whenever I listen to it, always evokes Trek, esp darker DS9 and Dominion War. There's something in sweep that reminds me of Goldsmith soundtracks. But I only discovered today when looked it up on wiki that is actually space-themed. So you learn something new!

Speaking for the iTunes LP feature for The Resistance, Bellamy said the following about the inspirations and meanings of "Exogenesis":
“ ["Exogenesis: Symphony"] is influenced by Rachmaninov, Richard Strauss, Chopin and Pink Floyd. It looks at the concept of 'panspermia'. It is a story of humanity coming to an end and everyone pinning their hopes on a group of astronauts who go out to explore space and spread humanity to another planet. Part 1 is a jaded acceptance that civilization will end. Part 2 is a desperate hope that sending the astronauts to find and populate other planets will be successful alongside the recognition that this is the last hope. Finally, Part 3 is when the astronauts realize that it is just one big cycle, and recognize that unless humanity can change it will happen all over again.
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