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Re: Why didn't Chang challenge Gorkon?

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Well, it could argued that it wasn't a racial thing as much as a lifelong-adversaries thing. Remember, the Klingons (in TOS terms) are basically the Russians during the Cold War. So Kirk wasn't opposed to the Klingons because of their species ("damn those bumpy-headed bastards!") but because the Klingons have always been the enemy of the Federation and he's learned from hard experience that they're aren't to be trusted. He's suspicious of their government, their military, and their culture, not their race.
But that's exactly why he would never, ever say "Let them die." That's the statement of a racist who wants the whole species to go extinct. It's so massively out of character that Shatner resisted saying the line at all, and did all he could to soften it, to show that Kirk regretted saying it.

Besides, he's surely lost plenty of redshirts to the Klingon aggression . . . and he's usually quick to assume the worst of them back in the original TV series.
But he was also the one who reached out to Mara and tried to convince her there was a better way than war between their peoples.
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