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Re: concept art and set photos!

Regarding the Spacedock Manifest imagery: I can't begin to describe how exciting it is to see those other ships indicated at the dock!

The smaller constitution-class starship is intriguing, as is the enlongated 'excelsior-esque' starship (smaller ship, below small Connie ship). My curiousity is officially at max!!! Also - the other Nova / Voyager looking starship with the refit-style swept back nacelle struts is an interesting new design.

Interestingly, no sign of the the red-hulled, three-nacelled Armstrong-Class 'Excelsior' starship that was seen when the shuttle flies from earth to the Enterprise at Spacedock... perhaps it arrived after the Marcus office scene with the 'widescreen display'.

Whatever the case, I love seeing more starfleet vessels - and seeing these images is an illuminating experience, particulary in terms of starship-spotting.

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