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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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Well, you guys have successfully pointed out all what is wrong with Into Darkness and therefore why it is the worst of all Star Trek movies.
But here's the thing: STID is not the first ST movie with major plot holes, so is it really worse than its predecessors? We'll see

This thread is dedicated to all the screw-ups in previous Star Trek movies, just to relativize STID's script.

Let's begin with two holy cows...

Star Trek: First Contact
The TNG crew monitors the Romulan Neutral Zone, then agrees to disobey orders and get involved with the Borg after the battle at 001 already has started, but manages to arrive in time while it still lasts. That's what I call Transwarp Drive Baby.

Well if you listen to the radio chatter about the battle there is a call for re-enforcements. So you could say that they were answering a distress call. i.e. we are getting beaten here and heed help.
Hell, I'd say letting Picard retain command of the Enterprise after the events of BoBW was a plot hole going all the way back to TNG. He was compromised by the enemy, whether under the Borg's control or not, he led the assault on Earth, and was allowed to retain command of the flagship--that's just fucking stupid right there.
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