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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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Are you sure, because the movie sure makes it seem like the Enterprise is orbiting Qo'nos/Kronos, since we never see the K'normian ship go to warp or any other indication that the planet isn't Qo'nos/Kronos.

(BTW, which spelling are going with in this forum?)
Ja, first I thought so myself. But I later realized they were nowhere near Kronos, they only augmented a picture of Qu'ono's on their viewscreen and that stellar body you could see near the Enterprise was the little moon where Bones and Carol opened the torpedo
Okay, I've taken a look at the scene where the K'normian ship flies to Kronos and here's what I think happens, based on my knowledge of film editing:

Based on the rules of cinema about preserving the direction of motion and using editing to keep the audience aware of what's going on, it's highly probable that the planet is intended to be Kronos. So that means the Enterprise is literally inside Klingon space unless Kronos' orbit takes it really close to the Klingon edge of the Neutral Zone.
Here's you problem: The movie directly states that they are on the edge of the Neutral Zone. So it doesn't matter what you think the visual shows, the movie flat out states that they're on the edge when Marcus shows up.
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