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Yeah, I think I mentioned it earlier, but having had the chance to watch it again (I picked it up on DVD after all. I couldn't wait), it is a rather well assembled film, for something that is supposed to be an action/blockbuster. It's fun science fiction, with a dash of color, and a good, solid commentary on current themes. To me, that's quintessential Trek.
Yes, I can not for the life of me understand the "it's not star trek" stuff. It's more Star Trek than a lot of Star Trek!
For some people, the film's style choices are enough to sway them. It would be like having every car be red, and then seeing a car that is blue. There would be some who would say, "that's not a car, cars are red." The mechanics are the same, but since the style choice is different, somehow that takes away its status as a car. It's silly, but there are people who get so hung up on such things, they invalidate an entire franchise based on that minor difference.
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