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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Before I disappear again to avoid The Fall spoilers, here are some of my recent casting ideas.

Stephanie Sheh as Corazame Ret Ata-E
I still see the Tzenkethi as a CGI effect, but I can't help but hear Corazame with Hinata Hyuuga's English dub voice. She has the perfect blend of quiet determination and timid diffidence --too good a voice to waste on a one-shot character (hint, hint).

Grey DeLisle as Shakti
Dr. Soong's ship-AI (and Data's sister? Soong programmed her, but he never mentions a familial relationship), can't help but sound like Aya, the ship-AI in Green Lantern.

Matt Lanter as Glinn Dygan
Tall guy, younger generation, kinda intimidating even when he's not trying to be --I can't help but visualize him as Anakin Skywalker, and since I think of the CG Clone Wars series now instead of the movies, Lanter's voice is what I associate with Anakin.

Claudia Black as L'Haan
She has the right blend of brooding menace and cold deliberation; Section 31's unusually emotional Vulcan is a lot like what Farscape's Aeryn Sun would be if she hadn't left the Peacekeepers.

Niall Matter as Wheeler Stinson
Mainly because no one can play a talented-yet-arrogant jackass like the guy who played Zane on Eureka. Who wouldn't want to see Captain Sisko rip him a new one?

Tatiana Maslany as Dalin Slaine
It's kind of a waste of her talents (seriously, everybody go watch Orphan Black now), but I something about Cosima's swept-back dreadlocks and glasses makes me associate her with a Cardassian. Maybe she's just one of those people who has "cross-species look-alikes" all across the galaxy. . .

Arnold Vosloo as Jefferson Blackmer
I don't know why. I just tried to visualize "tough guy, seems suspicious, actually quite nice once you get to know him" and came up with everybody's favourite ominous-yet-charming tough guy.
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