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Re: concept art and set photos!

Er, it was already explained in detail in Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise back in the 80's. That's where Abrams' people got it from, as I pointed out on the last page:
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I dug out my copy of Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, and sure enough, page 14 is the source of the "diburnium-osmium levels" and percentage on the "shield strength" graphic: this new technology, a coil of diburnium-osmium alloy [a substance created by the lost Kalandan race; discovered on Stardate 5979.2 by the Enterprise crew and recorded by Mr. Spock] was placed within a reinforced titanium/transparent aluminum mount, scanned at the subatomic level, then replicated and prjected as energy at an adjustable point beyond the vessel's outer hull. This energy layer, acting as a solid, in effect became another layer of metal on the ship's exterior. Insulated from the true hull by a small space, the invisible shield was designed to replenish it's "molecular" structure continually for as long as souce energy was available.

Add "That Which Survives" to the list of stuff which has already happened in the Abramsverse.
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