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Re: Not real Star Trek

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For me 'real' Star Trek:

1. Must adhere to Roddenberry-esque principles. Each episode should have a 'moral' [however light/heavy], the show should be a vessel for a look at the Human Condition & ponderings on ethics, morality and general philosophy. Generally, the show should encourage us to be as good as we can be while growing and learning.

2. It must NOT be simply about action. Violence is the last resort, least preferred method. It must not be overtly sexual or gratuitous.
I don't know. It seems to be that you're coming dangerously close to making "real" STAR TREK sound like spinach, that it's something we should consume because it's Good for Us, and God forbid there should be (gasp!) sex and violence.

The way I see it, Star Trek movies and episodes (and books) are more than just a delivery mechanism for delivering Positive Social Messages. That's not art, that's propaganda, and about as dramatically interesting as a Sunday school lesson.

You seem to be leaving fun, excitement, entertainment, and, yes, sex appeal completely out of the equation.

And, honestly, the idea that there was no sex and violence on TOS makes me giggle. Hell, the very first episode featured a green Orion belly dancer and was all about the Talosians trying to get Pike to mate with Vina--and later offering him a selection of females to breed with! And the very first episode to air had the Salt Vampire luring people to their doom by appearing as attractive members of the opposite sex . . . .

Sex and violence have been part of Trek since Day One.

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