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Re: Shinzon's motives

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Wow HaventGotALife, if that essay is required reading to truly understand the movie, I'd rather watch a David Lynch movie.

My opinion: The writers f*ck*d it up.
You should read HaventGotALife's post. It was fulfilling. And it made a reference to a belief of my own, that while the writing wasn't great as the premise was flawed to being with, scenes dropped throughout the film would have made many points clearer. In other words, the editing of the film was far worse than the writing. They could have kept in all the scenes that explained things and removed the telepathic rape subplot from the movie entirely. What purpose did it serve, besides making Deanna Troi seem like a telepathic tactical console expert. Yikes.

I still haven't heard an explaination that makes sense of why the telepathic rape stuff was so important to Shinzon... but I will say this: the battle at the end between the Enterprise E , the two warbirds and the Schimitar will always be worth the price of admission. Star Trek is so light on starship combat (save DS9 and ENT) so when it rises above the rest it is noticeable. And the final showdown is quite exciting.
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