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Re: Question About "The Chimes at Midnight"

I'm pretty sure we didn't say that! Earth is mentioned as a potential target in the Klingon invasion of the Interstellar Union on p. 143. And on p. 235, Hikaru refers to Earth in the present tense. "Earth is gone" (p. 158) is just a metaphor as MLB stated.

V'ger is alluded to a couple times: McCoy died in a transporter accident during the crisis (p. 193) and Hikaru remembers assuming Enterprise's helm to stop "an alien cloud" (p.272). I honestly didn't give the role of Spock much thought!

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It's interesting that you mention that, because while it never quite got to this point for me, I think a lot of the MyrU stories told were kind of downers. I mean they make things look better for the Primeverse, but it's still kind of sad to see things going to hell in some of the others.
Hm, that's interesting. There were definitely some negative timelines-- which sorta makes sense. What's the point of an alternative timeline where everything goes fine? Our intention in The Tears of Eridanus was that everything was okay in the end. There was a Klingon invasion of IU space after the story's end, but the explosion of Praxis would mean that everything wouldn't go as planned. Sure, an Andorian-dominated polity is more aggressive than the UFP, but it's not meant to be overtly militaristic.
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