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Re: Vegetarians - you will ove this child

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Nothing has been put here 'for our pleasure'. There is no divine right - we just evolved to be more intelligent.

We have also evolved empathy and compassion - why kill something when you don't need to ?

If we are to feed the coming generations we must move away from meat as a foodstuff as it wastes 90% of the crop - you only get around 10% of what you put in as animal feed out as meat.

I have no doubts that you do not wish to inflict suffering on animals, nor do I think you are some sort of monster. Most of my friends and family eat meat and they certainly aren't bad people. I do, however, think that they are so conditioned by the 'normality' of meat-eating that they don't really question it though.

I certainly didn't for many years, and as I said, I liked my meat...
These are essentially the best arguments for not eating meat anymore.

Also, the only reason the meat industry is doing those horrid animal abuse and inhumane killing is because they want to produce meat for the high demand as cheaply as possible.
If the demand were less they wouldn't do it. So eating the animal is causing them indirectly to suffer and die.

As with all things, more education and awareness is needed to change peoples minds, not judgemental fanatism.
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