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Re: Technological Stagnation

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I've gone over why flying cars are not the height of technological civilization
This is an example of how--in some ways--science fiction has spoiled us.

Wingless flying cars in an atmosphere, and winged RLV spaceplanes orbiting in a vacuum.

But we find airplanes and capsules, and rockets boring.

But that is taking advantage of the local environment. Winged RLVs and flying craft with no wings bespeak freer energy and less restraint.

Worse, making spaceflight look eay makes people want to sepnd less on incremental improvements to curret architecture in terms of size. Increased capability gets a little tougher.

Star Wars is the biggest offender, as is the shuttlecraft in that the craft are all payload. It would take large rockets to put either into space, and then they would just be satellites stuck in orbital path circles. No atmosphere to bank against. Solar sailing will be as dynamic as it gets, short of NTRs, NSWRs and nuclear pulse detonation craft.

Once again--this will be more public works than a couple of folks bodging things together in a garage, a la Explorers.

For an example of how even modest advancements in aerospace are abandoned by venture capitalists--proving they really don't love risk--I give you the book FREE FLIGHT about the Air Taxi/Very Light Jet debacle.
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