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Re: Vegetarians - you will ove this child

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Eating meat because you like it is killing for pleasure. That's wrong.
No on both counts. The consumer is not the one who killed the animal, they just eat the finished product. (You want to blame someone? Try the butcher, or whoever runs the meatpacking plants.) It's not the consumer's problem. The animal's already dead by the time it gets to them. Our hands are clean, as it were.
You are in effect paying someone to do it for you - you still have responsibility.

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And even if it is killing for pleasure, so what? Like I said, we humans are at the top of the food chain. Animals are put on this planet FOR our pleasure. That sounds harsh, I know, but remember what I said - it's the order of things. Those animals higher on the food chain kill those who are lower, for food (and you better believe they enjoy it, too). It's a definite hierarchy, top to bottom. It's just how it IS.
Nothing has been put here 'for our pleasure'. There is no divine right - we just evolved to be more intelligent.

We have also evolved empathy and compassion - why kill something when you don't need to ?

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And like I also said, it doesn't mean we should ABUSE animals or deliberately make them suffer. No one is suggesting that. Killing and eating an animal is not abuse. It's part of all life. It's just what we do. It's what ALL life forms do.
If we are to feed the coming generations we must move away from meat as a foodstuff as it wastes 90% of the crop - you only get around 10% of what you put in as animal feed out as meat.

I have no doubts that you do not wish to inflict suffering on animals, nor do I think you are some sort of monster. Most of my friends and family eat meat and they certainly aren't bad people. I do, however, think that they are so conditioned by the 'normality' of meat-eating that they don't really question it though.

I certainly didn't for many years, and as I said, I liked my meat...
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