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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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I've seen all of TNG, DS9 and VOY plus parts of TOS and ENT. I've seen all the Trek movies when I was younger but most of the Trek movies I watched the most was TUC and all of the TNG films.
So you admit then, when you dispute any comparisons between the plot-logic of STiD and TWOK that you're basically posting from a position of ignorance?

It's perfectly fine to not have seen all the films. But you implied a stronger knowledge of the TOS films than you now claim to have all in the spirit of attacking others. That's a bit disingenuous don't you think?
I have seen all the Trek films and I'm making general comparisons. I've got the story synopsis on Memory Alpha to check some of the finer nuances and Trek Core to watch particular scenes we are all discussing about.

I don't make any claim to saying that I know TOS inside out, not at all. TNG, DS9 and VOY I do know inside out especially DS9, but I've seen enough TOS and read enough story synopsis to get by.

But I always avoid trying to compare the main characters from TOS with the main characters of NuTrek. Because of the altered timeline (and technically it's an alternate universe if you consider the various cosmetic changes) I feel NuTrek characters are unique. Thus for me I find it is hard to ascribe traits and ones knowledge of the TOS characters onto the NuTrek characters.

So it's kind of like a clean slate and what we know about the NuTrek characters stems from strictly the NuTrek films because of this altered timeline. I feel its important to appreciate this. For example I've watched Star Trek 09 several times and every time I got to the bit where NuKirk is promoted I thought it made sense because this is Kirk we're talking about!

But I've recently realised my mistake because what I was thinking of was TOS Kirk. NuKirk is a clean slate and so because of that I had no choice but to more thoroughly examine why NuKirk was promoted. Which means teasing over the premise (altered timeline and so forth). This also means that STID has got to validate the NuTrek premise and, hopefully, try to fill in -- to the best of its ability -- any cracks to the premise.
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