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Re: Terrific,G4 was gutted...for nothing!

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Spike in comparison seems more intelligent, at least with their game-centric programming. And last time I watched Spike, I was surprised to see Adam Sessler there during their E3 coverage. Had to do a double-take.
Spike seemed to turn into junk too over the years.

It seems like most of their shows these days is stuff like: various tattoo shows, bar rescue, COPS, etc ...

As I said, the gaming content. If you compare for example G4's E3 broadcasts done over the years with Spike's E3 broadcasts, Spike's GameTrailers content is much more mature and more or less about the facts as they come in, and also in the way they conduct interviews. G4's broadcasts on the other hand has always seemed like they were all about making noise, being loud and obnoxious and talking down to its viewers, and trying to get all the attention on them rather than the content. It always seemed like "Hey man, I'm so badass! I'm so "kewl", right? Yeah, screw the content!"

As for Spike's other content, I agree with you. I could do without it. The ironic thing is, TechTV began life as ZDTV, a trademark that CBS now own which also own Spike. A lot of on-air talent has migrated over to Spike, and if CBS wanted to, they could revive the ZDTV brand with a new TV show aired on Spike.
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