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Re: Vegetarians - you will ove this child

I always love when people get so defensive about vegetarians and vegans as if there's any possibility of them forcing you not to eat meat any time in the near future. MLB has to relentlessly beat their philosophy into the ground in every second post like he thinks the "meat is murder" stormtroopers could come kicking down his door at any moment, even though no one is pushing anything on him. I feel like asking him to point to the spot on the cucumber where the vegetarian touched him.

Yeah, some of the more fanatical ones who criticize or attack people who eat meat can be obnoxious, just as zealots of any type can be, but the people who go over the top deriding vegetarians and vegans in general are just as irritating. They're not a threat to your way of life. They're a mild nuisance, at worst, and have no chance of denying you your right to eat bacon anytime soon. Relax.
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