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Re: Regarding Recent Star Trek Video Game....

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So then you have the Xbox 360 version, I take it? If so, ran into any glitches?
Nothing that stopped it from working.

It certainly isn't the most polished game in the world. Kirk and spock can stand in the same place, which looks odd by is easily avoided by not standing in the same place. The jump isn't the slickest piece of animation in the world, but if you aren't jumping you are not seeing it. Stuff like that. I found it to be more a little rough than actually broken.

Oh and in single player the enemy seeing your co-op partner doesn't count and they won't attack unless they see you, which again looks a bit odd but hey Penny Arcade did a joke about the same thing in The Last of Us and it is probably less annoying than keeping failing because the AI didn't stealth properly.
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