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Re: Vulcan's Forge and Abrams' Trek

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I have not personally read Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz's Vulcan's Forge, but I am aware of how highly it is thought of in Trek Lit circles, and also that it explains the circumstances of Spock's applying to Starfleet Academy and the long rift between him and his father. This is something that Abrams' Star Trek portrayed on-screen years later. How do the two interpretations match up?
Naturally they're different, and they represent different timelines anyway. VF is more about the circumstances leading up to Spock's decision to apply to Starfleet, though it does culminate with the formation of the rift. The movie gives Spock a rather simple and straightforward reason: the Science Academy's racism toward his mother repels him. The novel is kinder toward the Vulcans, and it's more about Spock interacting with a Starfleet officer and learning that Starfleet is a worthwhile institution where he could fulfill his potential.

The late A.C. Crispin's Sarek shows yet another version of those events. In it, Amanda is so outraged by Sarek's renunciation of Spock that she leaves him for a year afterward.
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