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Re: Regarding Recent Star Trek Video Game....

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I actually really enjoyed the game.

I think IF you enjoyed the reboots you will probably have fun with this.

Some notes-

When your guy is in cover you need to HOLD DOWN the b button to get your guy to move to the yellow indicator. If you tap it he will just roll out of cover. And this is important because the way they scurry between cover is very characterful. I think it is wonderfully Kirky.

Make sure you do all the optional commendation objectives. The game is substantially more fun if you sneak around a bit than if you just run through guns blazing. And don't be afraid to restart a checkpoint if you fail a side objective. Also note that if you hack a drone so it is on your side, if another enemy then sees the drone it will fail the stealth objective. So if you hack a drone and then climb in to a ceiling duct the drone doesn't follow you in the duct but tries to join you in the when you come out, which will almost certainly provoke an attack and fail the stealth bit.

I dunno. I think it is a cool game. If you are not offended by the very concept of Elite Force, this is a much better game than that.

It has some great recreations of bits of the new Enterprise like the shuttlebay and bridge. I like the reimagined Gorn - I think they are much cooler than the guy in the rubber suit. The game is a bit more like a traditional Trek episode than the new movies, so it kind of gave me an idea of what an Abramstrek series might be like.

All in all, IF you liked the new movies and want to go on a bit of an adventure with the new crew you will probably find this quite fun, especially for what you will pay for it now.
So then you have the Xbox 360 version, I take it? If so, ran into any glitches?
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