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Re: VOY Caption Contest 113: Bad Romance


Q: What? Picard secretly thought it was funny when I interrupted him in intimate situations.
JANEWAY: It was funny because it had GAY IMPLICATIONS. This is just creepy.

KASHYK: How do you know I'm still not manipulating you?
JANEWAY: Because that would make your plan unnecessarily convoluted. If you wanted to capture the telepaths there would be far simpler ways to do it.
KASHYK: Umm... yeah. YEAH!

PARIS: Now I just have to kill her. If Janeway dies, they'll NEVER let us air the episode, and then the show is saved!

JANEWAY: Now I'm going to go hold the other Q hostage with these weapons!
Q: Wait, what? What makes you think that will work?
JANEWAY: Because these are Q weapons, that you made look like civil war era weapons. They can hurt you!
Q: Well yeah, but what makes you think you can operate them just because they look like guns to you? This is all an illusion I created for your comprehension.
Q: And the moment you get the gun on them, they can just wink you into oblvion. We're Q!
JANEWAY: Crap. Okay, new plan. We play the inferior race card and get them to send us back and erase our memories. Good luck Q!

CHAKOTAY: Well, this is it. I'm the only man on the planet, and you said if that ever happened, you'd make love to me.
JANEWAY: Oh, no Chakotay. I haven't given up on getting home. I'm still hoping some day to be in Mark's arms again, and finally get married. I'm saving myself for that remote possibility.
CHAKOTAY: ...We're not really sick. I'll call the ship to come get us.
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