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Re: Rolling Stone Magazine makes a case for TNG to return to TV

I would just put a newer crew on the Enterprise-E. Maybe Riker would take over as captain with Data as his first officer. Deanna could be there, although I never understood having the ships counselor on the bridge. I just assume because she was betazoid. I would think Geordi would be promoted by now so Im not sure how to work him in. Worf could be the 2nd officer. Since Klingons live very long lives, he has plenty of time to become a Captain. It would be nice to see crossover stories with characters from the other series. I would love to see them explore the ramifications of Romulus being destroyed and the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Star Trek does play better on TV than in movies. Unless the galaxy is in peril, and things are blowing up left and right most movie goers don't understand Star Trek. I am not knocking Abrams movies, they are good and visually nice. Although I could do without the lens flares and camera shakes during ship battles. I don't know why space should shake watching two ships battle each other.
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