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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Hmmm. That's a good question. I'm thinking the bottom one is a little more accurate as far as the battle cruiser is concerned. The top color looks more appropriate for the attack "bug" ship. Then again, color, like scale, has never been Trek's strong suit. Everyone thinks the Romulan Warbird is green, but the filming model was really very gray, with just a hint of green. These ships were lit in such a way to give them different color temperatures. Federation ships often seemed to look blue, Klingon ships gray and green, etc. Of course, CG ships had a different set of coloration, so it's difficult to nail it down. When building models, people sometimes tend towards how they "appeared" on-screen, rather than real life, so maybe the top one is more accurate.
Some of the comments in that initial post by the Eaglemoss guy suggested something in between. I suggested they use the dark grey color from the bottom one as it, but then use the darker purple color from the top model where the lighter, shiner grey is on the bottom model, thus giving the illusion that the ship was purple. Because like you said, the difference between shooting models and on-screen lighting, varies so much, it would be almost a guess as to what would be accurate on these real-life solid die-cast models. That said, out of thew two pictured here, I would prefer the bottom one, but it really needs to be a mixture of the two. A few more purple highlights to the bottom one would make all the difference, I believe.
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