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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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Oh, but he just wished to go on... hurting him.
Kirk buried alive in a dead planet should do the trick, naturally Khan wish he could do more but he settled for that.
But the point is, Khan didn't have to settle for that. There was absolutely no reason he couldn't beam up Kirk as he had just beamed up Genesis fifteen-seconds earlier.

Khan didn't beam up Kirk because it would've stopped the movie dead in its tracks by having Khan snap Kirk's neck.
Just butting in to say that given Khan's preference in STID, it's more likely Khan would've crushed Kirk's skull than snapped his neck.

If there's any explanation at all for not beaming up Kirk that has an ounce of credibility, I'd say it was Khan's growing increasingly irrational as the movie goes on. Hell, he didn't even really strand him. How could he even think he did? Kirk wasn't missing. Everyone knew where he was. He was beamed there from the Enterprise, for crying out loud.
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