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I watched some free-roam livestreams of the game over the weekend, and it has me more hyped than ever. The game plays like a refined GTA4 with many the little annoyances of that game seemingly gone, most of the elements present in San Andreas that were missing in IV are back, and there's some stuff from RDR thrown in as well. It's almost like a sequel to all three of those games in a weird, yet exciting, way.

I'll post the rest of my observations behind a spoiler tag just in case some of you don't want to know about the world size or obtainable vehicles until you play. There's no story spoilers.

billcosby wrote: View Post
No eating this time around?
The previews and reviews I've seen don't mention it at all.
You have regenerating health for the first 50%, to get 100% health you have to eat or use a medkit. I'm not sure if fast food joints are in the game this time, but I read you can buy food from convenience stores.

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Yeah, a fuel element would be neat. It would add a tactical element to the game where if you run out of fuel, you'd be forced to ditch the car for another one, which would be interesting in the heat of the moment.
I read an interview where Sam Houser, the guy in charge of Rockstar games, revealed that he wanted a fuel system in the games but got talked out of it by the developers. Maybe they prototyped the idea and found it more annoying than fun?
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