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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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Are you sure, because the movie sure makes it seem like the Enterprise is orbiting Qo'nos/Kronos, since we never see the K'normian ship go to warp or any other indication that the planet isn't Qo'nos/Kronos.
We never see the K'normian ship go to warp, but there is a cut in which it could have done so. And it must have gone to warp at some point, because Kronos presumably isn't right on the border of the Empire ( although it's not necessarily canon, you can kind of see this at one point in the video here ). The Enterprise was stopped short of its destination. The planetary body found in its vicinity is the planetoid on which Carol and McCoy opened the torpedo.

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote:
What I can't figure out was the techno-babble line that prevented the Vengeance from firing on the Enterprise. Khan ends his explanation by saying "Which gives us the advantage."

But his explanation didn't make a lick of sense.
He wasn't talking about the Vengeance firing on the Enterprise or vice versa. It had nothing to do with that. He was talking about the method they were using to travel through the ship to get to Marcus, and why they would have a theoretical advantage because the Vengeance crew would presumably hesitate to shoot in the proximity of critical systems. It made 100% sense, however many licks that is.

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote:
Another thing I can't figure out was whether Khan acknowledged Sulu's deadline in any way.
He did mention receiving the message, if that's what you mean.
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