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fan fiction ideas opinion

basically i need some critical opinions off of all of you fan fiction writers and such, below are some of my ideas, nothing solid i should think.

Zeta quadrant stories
New federation star base, starbase omega with academy on site for orientation, the planet chosen for the base is discovered using a test probe built with a boom tube and automatic recall device.
New unexplored planets, new species to be discovered, boom tube technology enabling instantaneous travel with fleet to quadrant, cardinal class ships, first class to be equipped with a boom tube drive, fleet of 15 ships to explore and catalogue all flora, fauna, planets and all known species of the zeta quadrant, all possible new members of a brand new alliance formed to bring the federation to a whole new age.
Cardinal class - exploration ship. The cardinal class maybe built for exploration but it has a range of weaponry that makes it a tough contender in any battle, the cardinal class was designed with the look of the old constitution class of starship in mind.
The cardinal class uses the main deflector dish as its point for the boom tube drive and when not in use it retracts for repairs, plus with its 4 warp nacelles it can go at warp 10 for ordinary travel to planets in the vicinity.
Not every cardinal class starship is equip with the same features, earlier models have basic armoury equipment, standard phasers and other weaponry, only a hand full of holosuites for leisure purposes, a reasonable dining suite and other standard Starfleet designated stations.
All cardinal class ships are equipped with a crew compliment of 225 human and interspecies crew and 225 hard light holograms, a extra 100 crew spaces for new species.
U.S.S Helix - first cardinal class ship, captained by captain Jacob Moore, his first officer is commander J'onn v'erga a half Klingon, half Vulcan male.
Starbase Omega - situated on the planet marinus.
Space dock Hercules - station orbiting the third moon of the planet marinus, space dock Hercules is a massive complex.
Planet marinus - a planet found in the tor zone of the zeta quadrant, marinus is much like earth in size.
Unlike earth marinus is a lush unspoiled planet with unimaginable flora and fauna, creatures of the most exotic variety, the planet is home to the race of humanoid beings called the tor.
The Tor -

the tor idea for a race i have a bit of trouble figuring out what to make of them, the Klingon / Vulcan hybrid is a idea i see as a good one, a character which is an merger of a bit of spock and a bit of worf so to speak, hope you all can give me some solid hard nose criticism.
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