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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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^ Fair points. However, I should stress again, that my gripe is NOT with Affleck or his age; of course he could do action movies for years to come. My point is that if within this universe we first meet a weary and tired Bruce Wayne, then could the character within the film keep going for a decade?
Whyever not? Just because the character starts that way, that doesn't mean it'll be his state throughout the entire series. After all, movies are about character arcs. The place where a character is at the start of a film is almost never the place they end up at the end of the film, let alone sequels. Jim Kirk was weary and jaded at the start of The Wrath of Khan, but by the end of it he had a new lease on life and kept going through five more films. Bruce Banner was weary and beaten down at the start of The Incredible Hulk, but by the end of it he'd gained a new self-mastery which carried over into Ruffalo's Banner in The Avengers. The Incredibles starts out with Bob hopeless and beaten down by life, but by the end of the movie he's begun a new career -- and while we haven't had a sequel yet, there certainly could've been a whole series of adventures to follow.

Really, a ton of movies have their heroes start out weary and defeated and end up revitalized and ready for more heroics. It's one of the more pervasive cinematic tropes. So I'm really puzzled that you'd see this as an issue at all.

One of my main gripes about the use of a 'weary, tired' Batman is that they seem to be using The Dark Knight Returns as a point of reference for this film (eg the dialogue at Comic-con which Harry Lennix read).
Now, that I do have a huge problem with, as I've said before. If they just copy TDKR's Batman, then I doubt that will work at all. I'm just saying that it wouldn't intrinsically be unviable, not in a more general sense.

Then again, even TDKR is a story about a weary, broken-down hero regaining a new lease on life and being revitalized by the end of the story -- although it entails said hero giving up his established heroic persona for a more behind-the-scenes role.

And I just think that the Superman/Batman dynamic there worked a lot better when you had two former friends who had been around the block and fallen out as they grew older and jaded. I'm less sure that it will work when you have one newbie and one vet, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.
True, but, again, hopefully they're not just copying that, but rather simply using it as one source of inspiration for whatever new story they're constructing. There's no reason a story with the parameters they're using couldn't theoretically work. I have very little faith in Goyer and Snyder to make it work, but my concern is with the people executing the idea, not the nature of the idea itself. The success or failure of a story is never about the nature of the plot or premise, but about how well or poorly it's executed. Any idea can be handled well or handled badly.
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