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Re: Not real Star Trek

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I love how many of you are totally overlooking the point. I now have 'Daniel' listing scenes where there was a bit of violence.

I did not say there should be NO violence or titilation, thats absurd. To quote...myself "It must not simply be about..."

Hell, DS9 is my favourite and there are plenty of battles that are epic: however that booms and explosions were not simply the be-all end-all of the show. People died, people were injured and the consequences and ethics of those conflicts were explored.

Sure Voyager had a catsuit, but Jeri Ryan was a fantastic actor and she had numerous fantastic episodes. The sexualisation is forgivable.

Also, im not worshiping Roddenberry, that is also absurd. What I appreciate though is the enlightened humanity, the peaceful future....the themes he installed into the show along with many others.
And there go the goalposts. Note also how you ignore the themes of Into Darkness.
There's a good chance that every anti-war movie will also be a good war movie: it needs to convey something about the experience of war in order to make its point. However, it's still possible to make distinctions between the two genres based on how the violence is presented and contextualized, whether it emphasizes style, action, or futility.

The fact that X number of other episode or films in the franchise have violence does not render them all the same: that moral equivalency doesn't hold. TheGoodStuff has every right to analyze the different films and episodes for how they present violence and use them to advance their narrative. And I think it's perfectly arguable that STID presents a voyeurism with respect to violent death that far exceeds what was shown previously in the franchise.

I'm sorry, but I don't consider the violence in STID to be as bad as the ceti eel scenes or the crew of the regula station strung up with their throats cut in TWOK, nowhere near in fact
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