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Re: Alexandra Luthor? Lex female in movie

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Surely the correct way of looking at it is that there has been idle talk in the tabloids etc of a female Bond for nearly 30 years and its never happened! That's a long way from saying that it will happen, much less than it will happen for an entirely different franchise and character.
The people that want Bond to be female fail to understand the point the character. The Bond movies are wish fulfillment fantasies for the male audience, so making the character female defeats the purpose.

If female Bond sleeps with every guy she meets, I see much of the audience being put off the character. A women sleeping with a dozen guys is not as cool as a man sleeping with a dozen women.

Very glad Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man have the word MAN in their titles. We don't with have to deal with this gender changing nonsense with them.
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