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Re: Not real Star Trek

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-Extended torture scenes in "The Empath"
-Torture in "Patterns of Force"
-Wrath of Khan, the Ceti Eel torture sequence
-Picard's degridation and torture in "Chains of Command"
-Close-up detail shots of crew mutilations by the Borg in First Contact.
That's violence inflicted upon our protagonists. But wasn't the point that our protagonists only use violent means as a last resort?

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
-Conspiracy, Remmick's entirely unnecessary exploding head.
You got a point here. However this example (and "The Man Trap" from TOS) rather strikes me as the proverbial exception from the rule and is most definitely not a Roddenberry Star Trek trademark unless you want to violently force the issue.

Star Trek was not about "turning the other cheek" but this "eye for an eye" retribution theme that somehow started with ST II is not what Roddenberry had in mind, IMHO.

After all it's not putting an end to conflicts but just prolongs these indefinitely (as it does in our real world).

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