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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

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Well, reading this thread, I wonder if I should continue watching. I don't have STARZ so I didn't see Miracle Day when it first aired, so I'm watching the first episode now and it's decent. It is a letdown from Children of Earth but honestly I'm not sure if anything RTD would do would be as powerful and emotionally draining as Children of Earth.

As for Torchwood, I really enjoyed the series. Yeah Children of Earth was the best season, but I can't help but think I enjoyed the first two seasons more since the tone of it wasn't so completely and utterly dark. Given this thread, I don't know if I will continue to watch Miracle Day (I already miss Ianto and the gang together) but at least I checked out the first episode.
Children of Earth indeed was very heavy, and too emotionally heavy and draining to be "fun", would be more "fun", if it had been stretched a little bit more. That's not to say it was excellent, it definitely was excellent.

Miracle Day is slower, so you might enjoy it, especially if you marathon it in only a few nights. Don't spend the entire Series waiting for aliens to show up, I think the slower pace, the lack of aliens and shown over a 2 1/2 month period were the biggest letdowns. Marathon-ed, with full knowledge not to expect aliens and it's more enjoyable, IMHO. There were other complaints, but, those were my biggest ones.
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