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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

I'm finally making some progress on the secondary hull. Here's a shot of the main deflector and the photorp launcher mounted above it:

The depth-of-field effect was inspired by the photos that recently popped up online of the Trek starship miniatures just before they were sold at auction. I love the way it looks but this one rendering took over 20 minutes so I probably won't be doing it too often.

Here are a couple more:

A few things to note about the model's current state:

1. The hull textures are my usual generic placeholders and will eventually be replaced .
2. Several objects still need to have their edges chamfered to soften them a little bit. Just haven't gotten around to all of them yet.
3. If you're wondering what happened to the ring inside the deflector cowling, it will return. I was going to rebuild it today but I wound up spending almost all my time on the torpedo launchers. Speaking of which...
4. The reason the launcher on the underside of the deflector only has one tube is because it's a quantum torpedo launcher. I have some more greebles to add on either side of the tube as well. Oh, and the red glow would probably not be there unless they were preparing to fire; I just threw it in for dramatic effect.

For anyone who's interested, current polycount is a little over 207,000. That's actually down from almost 220,000 before I started optimizing the larger Sub-D objects, even with the addition of the torp launchers. With most of the optimizing left to go, I'm hopeful of keeping the finished model under 200,000, including modeled windows.
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