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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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The first group appears rather happy with what is a rather average, at best, movie. While the second group sees STID for what it is and is one more Star Trek film running on vapours. The same kind of vapours which had Nemesis, VOY and ENT limping along.
Oh Lordy, Lordy!!! I've finally seen the light!!! How could I possibly enjoy something that I find fun and exciting!!! I've been following the false Trek prophet Abrams and am now seeking absolution!!!

What a fucking joke.

Why are you and others so damned convinced we don't know what we like? How is a pair of movies that are thought of highly by viewers and just produced the highest-grossing installment in the franchises history, running on vapors?

I get tired of pulling this graphic out:

91% of 231,000 voters said they liked Star Trek Into Darkness with an average rating of 4.3.

Your definition of 'failure' comes straight from the fucking Bizarro universe.

Don't ever get tired of posting positive news. There's plenty of negative to counterbalance.

Also, I'm cross-posting this from another thread.

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That can't be right. You said "half assed," and "universally panned." Those statements are factually incorrect.

Rotten Tomatoes - 87%
IMDB - 8.0
Metacritic - 72%

And STiD has made nearly HALF A BILLION DOLLARS worldwide, not counting the DVD and Bluray sales which we'll know in a few months.

Wherever you got your information, it is incorrect.
My information is correct, it didn't make half a billion worldwide, the japanese people avoided it like the plague. I wonder how much paramount paid those sites to bullshit.
Just because Star Trek into Darkness didn't do quite as well in Japan doesn't make it a failure. Star Trek has traditionally fared poorly in non-US markets, and in fact, the much better international gross of Into Darkness is something to be commended. Even in Japan, it has scored $9 million compared to $5.8 million of the 2009 movie, showing that there is a significant improvement.

NO Star Trek movie has made half a billion worldwide. Star Trek Into Darkness remains the one movie closest to reaching half a billion with a total gross of $465 million. In fact, with the exception of The Voyage Home, none of them have domestic grosses (Box Office Mojo doesn't have non-US box office details for some Trek movies) that exceed $100 million. So are all the other Star Trek movies failures too?

If studios could easily influence critics to give positive reviews it's a wonder why so many blockbusters are still panned. For example why didn't Paramount pay them to upvote the Transformers series then?

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