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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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I can understand some disagreements on the perceived qualities of the various iterations of Trek. But it's starting to get out of hand. It feels like some folks are coming to this forum just for the chance to pick a fight.

I'm not a huge fan of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise but I don't feel the need to rush into those forums and take a dump on something other people obviously enjoy.

It's starting to feel mean-spirited and I really think that is sad.
There's a lot of that here, and I don't understand the personal attacks I keep seeing. Completely counterproductive. Keeps the mods busy though. It doesn't take an psychic to guess when thread closure or warnings are imminent.

Ln X wrote: View Post
The problem is that every Star Trek fan -- irrespective of what series he likes -- watches the movies. The reason why this STID division is bigger than most is because it ain't a clash of different ST, it's a clash of quality or even the Star Wars vs Star Trek argument.

The first group appears rather happy with what is a rather average, at best, movie. While the second group sees STID for what it is and is one more Star Trek film running on vapours. The same kind of vapours which had Nemisis, VOY and ENT limping along.
By what rubric do you measure STiD as average at best? Box office results are not in line with that assessment. General audience reception and reviews have been very positive.

Finally, comparing STiD to Nem, VOY, and ENT... IMO those are well below average in terms of quality, sales, and entertainment value (with a few episode exceptions). In addition to my personal opinion, I'd point to sales figures to back that up, but I don't think I need to.
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