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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I must admit, that while I have no problem with the casting of Affleck, I don't really care for the idea of pairing off a Superman at or near the start of his career with a weary and tired Batman, who's been at his job for a long time.
Actually I kind of like the idea of contrasting them like that. And really, MoS Superman in particular has so far fallen very short in terms of being a hero; he's achieved a few useful things, but only by following others' instructions, and there's a lot he could've done that he failed to do (like saving more bystanders or finding a better way to deal with Zod than just obediently doing what the villain told him to do). So this Kal-El needs some serious instruction in how to be a superhero. Given that, it makes sense to pair him up with a veteran who knows the game and is able to slap some sense into this guy and get him to start living up to his potential for a change.

It makes me wonder how long they plan to keep this incarnation of Batman around for. Affleck is 41 but looks younger while Cavill is in his late 20s, playing his early 30s.
Cavill is actually 30 now.

For comparison, Robert Downey, Jr. was 43 when he first played Iron Man, and will be 50 when The Avengers: Age of Ultron is released (though will be 48-49 during filming). Chris Hemsworth is currently 30 and Chris Evans is currently 32. Mark Ruffalo is now 45 and Scarlett Johansson is 28.

So no, I don't think it's essential for the co-stars in a superhero movie to be of equivalent age. I think WB wants Affleck to be the DC film universe's equivalent to Downey (in front of the camera, and Whedon behind, perhaps). And he's younger now than Downey was when he first played Tony Stark, so honestly these "He's too old" objections are rather bizarre to me.
I didn't say he was 'too old' (perhaps you're pointing to the general objections, rather than anything I've said, but if so, I wish you'd clarify that). I specifically said I had no problem with his casting and that he could pass for mid 30s.

I'm just not keen on the idea of a Batman and Superman who are a decade apart (and I'm talking about within the movie, I don't mean the actors' ages). No, I don't think it's 'essential' that they be the same age - I've just always imagined Bruce and Clark being separated by maybe a year or two. Affleck and Cavill could pass for being only a few years apart, I just don't like the idea of Batman (apparently) being past his best when he first meets Superman.

I don't really see the Avengers comparison as being similar; for one thing, the latter are a group and the age differences are less obvious than where there are only two people. Anyway, it's perhaps notable that the younger ones in Avengers - the 2 Chrisses and ScarJo - are the ones doing all the physical and tight spandex/muscle top stuff, while RDJ and Mark Ruffalo are either doing mo-cap or wearing a CGI suit. Ruffalo looked a little porky in Avengers - can't do that in a Batman suit, can you?!

In terms of the age thing, I don't think the RDJ/Tony Stark comparison holds up though, as Stark's suit and tech-know-how basically do all the work for him. Batman has no special powers and needs to be in physically great condition, which gets more difficult the older you get. Anyone who has seen Affleck in The Town will know that he can be in fantastic shape but whether or not an actor in his 50s could do so is open to question. Certainly, Hugh Jackman reckons it gets harder and harder to get into Wolverine-type condition every time.

I would've thought that the plan would be to use this movie to reboot and relaunch a series of solo Batman movies, without the need for an introduction or origin movie, but if Batman is meant to be tired and weary already, I wonder how much scope for solo movies there could be? Perhaps the end of this movie will see him reinvigorated and animated in his mission; I don't know.
Personally I'm glad we don't get another origin story. It's time superhero movies started to move beyond that trope.
Again, I didn't say I wanted another origin movie. I just said that I thought that this film would be a way of launching a new set of Batman films, without an origin story. My query was about whether introducing an older Batman would lead to more movies for him, not the absence of an origin story.
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