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Re: Not real Star Trek

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For me 'real' Star Trek:

1. Must adhere to Roddenberry-esque principles. Each episode should have a 'moral' [however light/heavy], the show should be a vessel for a look at the Human Condition & ponderings on ethics, morality and general philosophy. Generally, the show should encourage us to be as good as we can be while growing and learning.

2. It must NOT be simply about action. Violence is the last resort, least preferred method. ... A barfight and a sabotage campaign are all intrinsic to plot: there are dozens of TOS episodes where Kirk specifically tries to resolve problems without resorting to violence or at least shows remorse at the necessity. Its easy to point to two examples and scream 'OMFG VIOENCE!' but centering entire plots around it, simply for the sake of it, is not Star Trek and I do not think TOS really had that problem.
Exactly how I feel about it, very well said.

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