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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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And WOK was a movie that wouldn't have happened had Chekov of Terrell stopped for directions. Or, you know, counted to six and got stuck on five.
Or, you know, did not disable the ship's navigation systems. I mean, there's no possible way the ship navigated automatically one orbit out without giving a warning, unless it was designed by morons. And even if it was, it would have been fixed the second time it went to the wrong place.

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b) Khan simply beamed himself on to the Vengeance's bridge, killed everyone there, vented the ship's atmosphere, and taken it to Earth to get his vengeance.
Well, technically, the bridge was empty, so it was easier than that, and there are even more transporter "plot holes" in STID. You know why? Because the damn transporter is a plot hole every second time something happens because of its very existence. The missions that couldn't be magically ended by using it are counted on the fingers on my right hand after that table saw accident.
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