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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

White and Hooper aside, I thought we were pretty ordinary, actually. The defence came good (not before time) - it was a remarkable effort to keep Argentina at bay as long as we did - but otherwise I can't say I was impressed. The scrum was ordinary and got worse when the replacements came on and while the forwards lifted their collective game in general play they need to perform at scrum time.

It certainly wasn't a performance that any other major international side is going to be concerned about, and does nothing to convince me that significant improvement will happen any time soon.

I liked the look of White. There was none of the hesitation that's been so apparent in Genia's game this year - no two-or-three-steps-then-pass nonsense, just clearing the ball and keeping the momentum going (until someone stuffed up). He overdid the kicking at times but as run-on debuts go, that was impressive.

Cooper actually made a proper, legitimate tackle at one stage, which was one of the more extraordinary sights I've ever seen in a rugby game. Of course he was swatted aside like a bug for the rest of the game and did pretty much nothing, but nothing new there. He has to go.

Really not looking forward to our return encounters with either SA or Argentina.

Seems as though the Test across the ditch was...err...interesting. That return bout should be a beauty.
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