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So... tangent... What the hell is going on with the Pride of Oklahoma and their new band director?
I missed that game. Can you elaborate?
Everybody in Oklahoma is mad at him for changing things.
I assume that's related to what was being discussed in this article from August 20th? Hmm. College students and alumni can be a bit testy when you start messing with whatever they call tradition. Admittedly, I've never seen OU's pregame, but from the article, I'm guessing that they view it along the same lines as Ohio State views their band's cursive "Ohio".

It's been 16 years since I marched at Georgia Tech, and some of the things we viewed as "traditional" don't make sense to me anymore. They were traditional.... why? "We've always done it!" Okay, you generally don't mess with the colors or the mascot, but some things do need freshening up sometimes.

However, you *always* keep the alumni happy! If they like it and want to keep it, you keep it! And it sounds like the OU director ran straight into that mess.

At GT, one of the oddball traditions is the band plays Budweiser/"You've Said It All" at the end of the third quarter. The director decided at one point (before I got there) that the band wouldn't play it anymore, since it's alcohol-related, A-B didn't sponsor us, etc.... Apparently, he underestimated how much the students and alumni loved that song! That happened *once*. And the GT Band has been playing it ever since!
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