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Re: VOY Caption Contest 113: Bad Romance

Thanks for the win Captain Kathryn!

Q: Yes, you should fend me off, because I am totally straight.
Janie: Yeah, you're a real man's man. Now shut up and give me a pedi.

Kashyk: Why don't people like me?
Janeway: Maybe it's your toothpaste.

Tom: Revenge of the Creature!
Janeway: Hm, more like the Incredible Shrinking Man.

Miss Jane: I do declare I'm gettin' the vapors!
Colonel Angus: In the 24th century we call that a gaseous anal anomaly.

Janes: I love the sound of bugs getting zapped. The moths to flame. So much hope. So much fatal electrostatic discharge. It's truly romantic.

Chak: I' in my shelter hiding all the sharp objects.

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