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Re: Not real Star Trek

For my own personal canon, I accept all the series (including TAS, but excluding "These Are The Voyages", that was just a bad dream I had) and TOS/TNG films--most of which I can live with (bad science and all) except of course for TATV (though Nemesis is a bit iffy).

For me the NuTrek films aren't part of my canon, since its an alternate timeline/universe. Even the events such as the destruction of Romulus and the disappearance of Spock occurred in another alternate universe so NuTrek is therefore an alternate-alternate universe. In my canon, Romulus is whole and working on better relations with the UFP, thanks to the work Spock continues to do towards reunification.

The novelverse also doesn't count within my canon, except for the Andorian sexes and the slow extinction of their species.
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