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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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The Excelsior is the worst in distance.
Unless, of course, the main reactor is in the pod between the nacelle pylons.
Is there any evidence to support this?

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The Excelsior and Constitution limit power conduit exposure to Engineering hull and neck. Reliant runs into the single hull.
And Reliant's hull configuration means the conduits do not need to run directly through the engine room in order to reach the nacelles.
The conduits need to run off the vertical intermix from the engine room so I'm not sure how they wouldn't interface with the engine room.

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Arguably, they do not even run through an inhabited section of the ship since the shuttle bays and their machinery are located in that area; radiation leaks in that case would only affect the relatively empty aft compartment and would be that much easier to contain (meanwhile, most of the engineering spaces are FORWARD of both the reactor and the conduits and can likewise be isolated from them in the event of an incident).
The horizontal conduits of the Enterprise don't run through an inhabited part of the ship either. The isolation door kept the engineroom in TWOK from getting irradiated as well. What advantage does the Reliant's setup have again?

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So without having to babysit a potentially troublesome power transfer fork point, Reliant can keep its engine room just aft of the saucer like a normal starship, allowing for some degree of survivable radiation containment in the event of an accident.
Which isn't any different than the Enterprise or Excelsior.
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